Conference Presentations



2008 Dec Teaching and supporting grammatical analysis skills in Speech and Language Therapy students and SLTs: current practice and future directions, a presentation on behalf of Ann Clark, Sally Bates, Lixian Jin, for the symposium of the British Association of Clinical Linguistics, at Reading

2008 May More than a journey: metaphors for learning in China, Lebanon and the UK, joint paper, RaAM 2008 conference, Metaphor in Cross-Cultural Communication, May 29-31, University of Extremadura, Spain

2002 Sept. Narrative Learning in Clinical and Educational Contexts, joint paper, BAAL 35th annual conference, Cardiff

2002 May Developing Language Assessment Procedures across Languages: The case of STASS in Gujarati, the Ninth International Conference on Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics, Hong Kong

2001 April Defining Dilemmas: a question of cultures of learning, joint paper,  International conference on Cultures of Learning, risk, uncertainty and education, University of Bristol, 19-22 April 2001

2001 April 1. Sharing Learning through Narrative Communication, joint paper, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) bi-annual conference, Birmingham 17-19 April

2.Students’ Expectations of Learning Key Skills and Knowledge, joint paper, RCSLT bi-annual conference, Birmingham, 17-19 April

3.Rehabilitation of Speech and Swallowing Following Laryngectomy and Maxillo-Facial Surgery in China, joint presentation, RCSLT bi-annual conference, Birmingham, 17-19 April

2000 Oct Narrative Learning through Clinical Experience, joint poster, Interprofessional Education, improving health and social care conference, Bournemouth

2000 Sept. The Cultures of Learning of International Students: Questions and Dilemmas, joint paper, BERA annual conference, Cardiff University

1999 Dec A Cultural Synergy: a model for dilemmas in cultures of learning, joint paper, Cross-Cultural Capability Conference, Leeds Metropolitan Conference, UK

1999 Sept Models and Metaphors in Intercultural Learning, joint paper for International Congress on Intercultural Education, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

1999 Sept What English? Labels and signs as public literacy, joint paper for the Second International Conference on Major Varieties of English, University of Lincolnshire & Humberside

1998 July Public literacy in multilingual contexts: Slipping & sliding across modes and languages, joint presentation for International Conference on: Speech, Writing and Context: Literary and Linguistic Perspective, University of Nottingham

1997 Sept To ask or Not to ask: that is the question, presentation at British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) annual conference, University of Birmingham

1996 June Layers of Literacy in Second Languages and Cultures, Annual RAPAL conference on Lifelong Literacy, Manchester

1996 Jan. To Ask or Not to Ask, cultural issues in teaching and learning, International Issues in Learning and Teaching, University of Bristol

1996 Jan. Teachers’ and Students’ Metaphors of Teaching, Learning & Language, BAAL seminar, University of York

1995 Oct. Using Narratives in the Learning Process, the 2nd ESL conference, Birmingham

1995 Sept. Western Teachers and Chinese Students, Oxford International Conference: Globalisation and Learning, New College, Oxford

1995 Aug.1. Differing Underlying Conceptualizations of Learning; Panel speaker.

2.Cultural Synergy: Western Ways of Teaching & Chinese Ways of Learning;

the 5th International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication: East & West; Harbin, China

1995 July Culture Calls the Tune: Bias or Basis? the 9th European Conference on Reading, Budapest, Hungary

1995 Mar. Framing the Text: Using Visual Approaches in Teaching Reading, Third International Conference on Teacher Education in Second Language Teaching, City University of Hong Kong

1995 Jan. The Culture the Learner Brings: a Bridge or a Barrier ? British Association for Applied Linguistics annual conference, University of Durham

1994 Oct. Using Visuals to Learn from Texts, joint presentation at the First ESL conference, Birmingham

1994 May Learning English Vocabulary – the students’ view, joint presentation to International ELT Seminar at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

1994 Apr. Narrative Analysis and Second Language Acqusition, joint research presentation to Foreign Languages Department, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

1994 Mar. A Cultural Synergy Model for Academic Language Use, joint paper presentation to international conference on English for Professional Communication, City University of Hong Kong

1993 Mar. ‘This way is very different from Chinese ways’: EAP needs and Academic Culture, joint paper presentation at British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes National Conference, Birmingham University

1992 Nov. Language and Culture: Chinese students and British Academic Culture, co-author of paper presented at The First International Symposium on the Teaching of English, held in Taiwan;

1992 Oct Academic Culture in British Higher Education and Suggestions to the Pre-departure Training Course for Students Studying Abroad at Pre-departure Training Centres in China, paper presented and submitted at Conference on British Education, held by the Chinese Embassy in London on behalf of the Education Ministry of China

1992 Sept Narrative Analysis: Applying Linguistics to Culture, joint presentation at British Association of Applied Linguistics national conference, University of Essex

1992 Feb. Perceptions of Academic Cultures, the case of Chinese Students and their British Supervisors, joint presentation invited by the British Council & NACOSA, (a video was made of this for university staff training)

1992 Jan. Academic Cultural Orientation and Academic Difficulties Faced by Chinese Students in UK Universities, joint presentation for Staff Development at Nottingham University

1991 Nov. Chinese History and Culture invited presentation at Hinckley Public Library for Special Promotion on China

1991 Oct. A Cultural Synergy Model for Second Language Acquisition/Use in Academic Contexts paper presented at Theory Construction and Methodology in Second Language Acquisition Conference, Michigan State University, USA

1991 Sept Cultural Orientation and Academic Language Use, joint research paper presentation at British Association of Applied Linguistics national conference, University of Durham

1991 Mar. Language Use and Cultural Expectations presentation for Staff Development Session at School of Education University of Leicester

1991 May Cross-cultural communication, workshop for Staff Development Session of Leicester University and neighbouring universities